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Thank you again for your unbelievable support on Wednesday and the days leading up to the two screenings. Your thoroughness was appreciated. I'm happy to say that both events were a complete success!!
- Geraldine

Jillian - Thank you for all your help leading up to and during yesterday's event! Your expertise was immeasurable and we could not have made such an impact without you. 
Our partners could not stop talking about the event. 
- Erin

Jillian! Thank you So much for everything yesterday! It was a dream to have you there - I wasn't worried about anything and everything went so well. The decor and pictures looked better than I even imagined - thank you so much!!

- Lily

 I myself am an event planner  so was well aware that I would need some help onsite on my wedding day even though I did the pre-planning myself. I can say with full confidence that the least stressful piece of the whole planning process was the part where Jillian took over (i.e. the actual wedding itself). If I could go back and do things again I would have had her manage even more details for me. She was a big part of helping my dream wedding become a reality. 

- Justine

The buzz in the room was proof of the party's success and thanks to you, it proceeded smoothly. Thanks again for helping me produce a grand 60th reunion party.
- Phyllis

It all turned out perfectly, thanks to your EXCELLENT assistance. I could never have handled the logistics as artfully and knowledgeably. You were wonderful! ...My heartfelt thanks for your efforts and help and for making Lily and Dennis's wedding a most memorable event. 

- Angie

Jillian streamlined the entire planning process for our September wedding. Her expertise, coupled with her calm and patient demeanor, took away so much of our stress. I honestly couldn't have done it without her. 

- Samantha

The wedding was beyond amazing!!! It exceeded all my expectations and I just loved every single moment of it. You did such a great job and I can't thank you enough!

- Jane

From the beginning, Jillian just seemed to understand what we wanted to accomplish and did everything possible to help us realize our vision.  During the planning process, she took our (sometimes random) ideas for evening and team events and presented us with pre-screened options that fit what we wanted to do and were in our budget. Thanks to Jillian’s experience, advice, and guidance, we were able to focus on the conference content, knowing that the logistics were in very good hands.

- Steve

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